Friday, August 24, 2007

Woman's Lament

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Category: Writing and Poetry

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My dear friends,

Here is another poor attempt at poetry/prose/whatever....LOL... Read it if you must.

Addictions of thought
Never complete as rules dictate
Breasts, shoes, total confusion
As to what should match
When Labor Day approaches
The encroaching zero-ness of a thinker
Mind over men over matter over and done
But what is this thing
The confusion of atmosphere
A little overzealous
To call itself the destructor
When we are the cause
De-constructing lives with no bother
To think of the thinkers
What idea did they have
The living rules over the dead
For philosophy is not deceased
The time incessantly bleats away
My shoes trample what is not there
And they are not white

Yours in Morning Poetry Attempts, Moving Towards Something, and Making the Most Out of My 24 hours,


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