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My Two Cents

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Just when you think I am done for the day I am not. At least there are times when I think I am done for the day but my brain tells me otherwise. This ever happen to you?

There are people in my life right now who are giving me undying support in the face of utter hell. You know who you are and I thank you. I wish I was around all of you all of the time, and I can promise you this, when I make the NY times Best Seller List, (and don't doubt me...I will one of these days, hopefully while I am still alive) I will buy you all a house on my little isolated island and we will all live out our philsophically poetic lives together. Of course, all on my dime and with wireless.

There are those people who are clearly on this earth to make an impact in others lives. There are those on this planet whom are clearly put here to teach us all a lesson, whether that lesson is in patience, putting out fires, or what not to do types, they are here for reasons most of us can not see at the moment.

I feel as though one of us, maybe me, should write an Idiots Guide to Getting Along with Others. Maybe this would be a best seller and I could actually incorporate the whosits and the whatsits about getting along. As I often try to beat into my readers heads, why can't we all just try to come to an understanding of our differences? Most people want to take the stance of, "I can't be held responsible"...No, you can not be held responsible for what others say and do, as they are their own person with their own ideals of right and wrong, but there is that hint of responsibility to take that person for the grain of salt that they are and try to understand them and what they have done.

What is that quote? Tell me and I will forget, Show me and I will forget, but teach me and help me understand and I will learn.

Something like that.

For example: There are many, many religions on the face of this earth. I would like to think that each one of these religions try in the best way they know to teach their followers to love one another and love the life you have been given. But there are religions out there that are still undiscovered, like the ones that people forge out of their lives in the Amazon Rain Forest, people to whom, www is not an expression or a grouping of letters, it is a completely foreign concept. Are these people wrong for what they do for survival? Are these people wrong in their concept of what is good vs evil? I would not hold them accountable for their actions, rather I would much rather try to learn their motives. Maybe they kill certain types of frogs in order to appease a frog man whom one thought that they saw one night in the dark, but this does not mean that they are frog haters. That was probably ignorant for me to say, but it is just an example. I don't actually know much about Amazon tribes, but one day I will...

There are so many people in this world that have no clue on how to educate themselves emotionally and would rather walk through this bumpy existence wearing their ignorance as an accessory to their stupidity rather than taking the time to slow down and say hello, how are you? What is it that makes you tick? Why do you only wear red stripes? Why won't you eat a certain type of meat? Why do you refuse to support the Golden Calf? Why do you like someone like Joseph Smith as opposed to Wesley? What do you feel about the Islamic extremists vs the traditional Islam faith? How do you feel about the stars? Do they have any bearing on our lives? Whatever...You get my point.

Please, as you start your week take this with you. Stop and ask if you feel that hate coming up inside of your inner soul. And if you can't ask them in person, then ask yourself, is the hate residing in you because of ignorance?

Lighten up.

Stress isn't worth it.

I had someone actually quote me this week after reading a portion of my novel...

Ignorance always comes in the form of intolerance for the freaks.

We are all freaks.

Yours in Freakiness, Finding a Light, and Fighting off Ignorance,


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