Thursday, August 2, 2007

People are Strange, but who the Hell Cares

People are strange. But who the hell cares?
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Playing on my IPOD: 1812 Overture

Walking around the town the other day, I saw a man, sitting on a bench near the library, humming the 1812 Overture. While he was humming, he happened to be holding something very small, wrapped in what looked like a cross between a taco bell taco wrapper and a small blanket..

I looked once again, and this time a little too long. He was holding a dead mouse. He looked up at me, and all I could do was smile. What else was I supposed to do?

Call him a freak?

Run, screaming from him, yelping for help?

NO, I smiled and then he smiled back, toothless and what looked like a lack of a whole toungue. But the dead mouse loved him for who he was, so why shouldn't I. He probably has a lot in his life that could cause him to be mean, spiteful, and violently angry. Instead a smile. A beautiful and wonderful smile. Toothless, toungeless, regardless a smile is a smile.

People are so strange. I am one of them, I am not pretending to be pretentious. O surely am not better than anyone else in this great big proverbial room that we share. We all have our oddities, right? Now, my odd habits do not involve the 1812 overture or dead rodents, but they are strange nonetheless, or at least they would be to someone like you who is not like me.

Have you ever run into someone like this? Are you someone like this? If you are, who the hell cares? Be yourself. Do what you like, this Earth is just as much mine as it is yours. If you put on your unbreakable strength and armor every day, no one will be able to catch your spirit and bring you down.

The dead mouse and I will love you all the same, just for you being you.

Yours inThe Human spirit, Tidings of love and the True Power of Friendship and Caring,


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