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Plastic Love

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Okay Kids...Time for very serious poetry. Something to make you ponder love, our crazy world, and everything else you would want in a poem. Enjoy!

Plastic Love:

By: Cicily Janus
(c) 2007

He knew her disappointment was all he could bear.

So he took his love to the operating chair.

It started with the eyes, neck, belly and nose.
Then the lips, arms, waist, thighs and finally he said off with my toes!

The doctor looked at him and stared
And the man's face grew long and scared.

He said to the doctor, But she will not love me, as I have a fungus of sorts
It is a fungus amongus and she hates my self-deprecating retorts.

The doctor insisted, sir, but you really should keep your own toes,
But, if it is your fungus that plagues you so, I think I can solve your woes.

The man smiled with glee
He finally was happy and finally would please his Mon Cheri.

The doctor met him in the operating room the very next day
The scalpels, nurses and anesthesia all waited at bay

The patient was anxious to go under the knife
With worry on his sleeve and brows wrought with strife

But the doctor came to put his mind at rest
He said, I use the latest technological techniques. After all, I am the best!

The nurse wheeled him in on the gurney
For the short-lived, but cold, cold journey

And after hours and hours of very hard work
The doctor finally proclaimed, I think this man no longer has a quirk!

The recovery went smooth, or so they say
For the man didn't really wake up for days and days and days

He looked over himself and then to the nurse
Then he tried to scream and got nothing out but a silent little curse

For he stared at his lips, belly, thighs and down the bridge of his little-new-nose
And then finally all the way down to his little new toes

They were all but the latest
And the greatest

Fashionable, technological medical wear
But of course he wouldn't know that, he wouldn't even care

For he has a new name, Ken, he is made of plastic
His love has left, but his body is fantastic.

Yours in Plastic Surgery, Pinching an inch, and Purposefully Writing this to Make You Laugh,


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