Thursday, August 2, 2007

Toddlers, Santa and Bullies

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IPOD: White Christmas Bing Crosby

"You better watch out, you better not cry, you better not pout, I'm telling you why,
Santa Clause is coming to town.."

Isn't that how it goes? Well, last night, while at a public Christmas concert I witnessed a few toddlers openly disobeying the Santa Clause Rule. You know the one... "Santa is always watching you, so you better be nice.. or whatever, but he is always watching and if you don't want coal in your stocking you have to behave." This rule, in general applies to little kids, teenagers and big kids like me.

Someone is always watching.

Whether it is your children watching you flick someone off in traffic that cut you off, or whether it is your parents, watching you eat a candy cane off the tree before dinner, even though they told you not to do that two minutes ago, someone is always watching.

So, back to the concert, all of the children were invited up on stage at the end of the first half to listen to a story that was read aloud and then to see Santa. The story was admittedly long in duration, but, the toddlers and pre-schoolers should have known better. Or is that asking too much?

One little boy got up and started pushing other kids down. Most of the kids were just sitting there in front of the storyteller, minding their own business. Then one of the other kids pushed him back and all hell broke loose.

I am just glad that my kids were not a part of this, although they were on stage and very near the little boys, they just got up and walked to a different place to sit. The man reading the story just kept going, didn't even look annoyed(I could not have kept my cool) and there was not an adult in sight to break this up. But finally the story was over and the singers came back on stage, giving the gift of diversion to the children and the adults.

Then Santa finally appeared and after my girls went to see him and get their candy, Ella said to me: "See mommy, Santa IS watching and those boys aren't going to get any toys for Christmas, but I was good..." She smiled an angelic smile to me and then chomped down on the candy cane in her hand.

Folks, remember that Santa is watching, and if you don't believe in any kind of Christmas, then remember that impressionable minds are watching you all the time. How will you spend your time this season and for the rest to come? Wisely and carefully I hope...

Yours in brawls, bullies and bands,


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