Thursday, August 23, 2007

Back again...jiggety jig

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Yes, you read the title right.

I'm back again. Had a rough few days. Spent a few nights down at the hospital, you know, just to make sure they could do their jobs right...Actually, had a very bad case of colitis, pain etc...puking was my number one activity, followed by a short second of well....I don't think I even have to say it.

And as usual, they irradiated me a few times with testing, ran a few scopes up and down and found gastritis, colitis, and another large breast mass. Which may be or as he said, probably is in the chest, but they aren't 100% sure. So, off to the surgeon I go. Should be either this week or next. Yippee...Anyone wanna join me? We can go for early morning margaritas and nachos (i know a fantastic place around here, they even make the guacamole right in front of you at the table...) first and then to the surgeons, drunk... That way it won't hurt so bad, emotionally or physically.

As for the writing, I am pleased to say that a piece of mine will be appearing in DOGZPLOT flash fiction e-zine. I will keep you posted as to when. I think I mentioned this in my last blog, but have forgotten.

The book has taken a nice vacation and has used all of its PTO time (Paid time off) so, it must return to work if it wants to be completed by Dec. At least the first draft should be completed by then. But as Anne Lamott says, "Take it bird by bird." And for all of you writers who haven't read this book, the link to buy the book on Amazon is at the bottom of this blog.


The book helps place the writing life in perspective.

But, the good news between all of this illness is that I have the rest of the week off. Not that I feel fantastic enough to go back to work anyway, but the doc wants me to rest. No problem. I can rest and write...

I hope your week hasn't been nearly as eventful as mine.

So far.

I am off to write for a while, please email me or IM me anytime and of course, subscribe to the blog!!!

Yours in Illness, Insanity and Inching my Way Through a Novel, One Word at a Time,


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Travis Erwin said...

Sorry to hear about your most recent bout.

You ever hear the saying Good thing fotr bad luck or I wouldn't have any luck at all?

Well YOU are the postergirl?

Maybe you can get them to install WiFI at the hospital.