Tuesday, August 28, 2007

In Between the Words

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Good Day,

I'm on a role with the poetry thing. This isn't saying it is anything great, but at least it is coming out...

Hope this gets your week off to a great start.

In Between the Words

(c) Cicily Janus 2007

I must stay a while
You have captured a desire
Out of my words and into my soul
An appreciation beyond poetry
Turning my words into prose
For a soul that reaches
Beyond a boundary of space
As our friendship has formed
You have turned it into the intimate
You could be more than you are
Taking me to a place
Making love endlessly
Breaking away together
Yet, consider me a friend
Capture my heart again
Consider me a friend
Spread your arms wide
Hold me tonight
Turning our perceptions into love
From the night into the dawn
Becoming what we want
To each other
At last.

I have words beyond words
For a boundary has formed into more
Taking love away yet again.
Consider your arms tonight.
Love from want.
To last.

Yours in Words, Writing and Wishing I was Able to Meet All of You,


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