Tuesday, August 7, 2007


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Here is something for you to read on the toilet...Hoping you will smile today because of me.

By: Cicily Janus

"Don't stress" is all that he said
As the doctor scratched his head

The tests were negative which meant he was okay
The doctor told him,
" You're physically fine, relax, go out and play!"

But the worrier refused to believe
He took his coat, his worried brow and proceeded to leave.

He walked into the park,
Watching the men, the children and even listened to the dogs bark

They all seemed so happy
So positively care-free and sappy

He hated his life
For it was full of strife due to his worried little wife

She made him worry about this and that
Even the coat that didn't match his hat

He worried day and night until she cried as he left the door
Oh how he wanted to scoot until all that was left was only a scuff mark upon the floor

But it was the doctor now who had given him his order
Maybe it would be just what he needed to leave her and go cross the border

"Don't stress", is what he repeated as he walked all the way to their door
And then he saw her face and could say no more

"Hello," she said as he walked right past her
"Hello," he said as he walked to the refrigerator

"Are you okay?
"Please tell me, what did he say?"

She looked at him, with a look of fright
But it was the look that gave him the idea, yes; he thought this moment was right.

He grabbed a cold beer
And said, "Sit down, my sweet dear."

She sat down with a thud
He finally felt free; he could again be a stud.

"The doctor delivered bad news, and in the very worst way.
He said, I shall be dead within a few days."

The man reached deep within himself
And summoned up tears from some emotional shelf

She wept and wept for hours it seemed
So he offered to go out and buy her some ice cream

He smiled as he left and shut the door
Her worrying, her nagging, her pitiful life would affect him no more

He got in the car, started it and listened to the strange noise from below
The wife watched him leave and smiled from within, as she had just met a young fellow

He sold insurance, life insurance to be exact
And it was a physician's physical that her husband lacked

She smiled again counting the seconds as he drove down the road
Her pseudo tears dry as she watched their little car explode.

Yours in Stress, Stressing More and Staying Stressed,



The Duck said...

Wow, that's some poem. Very dark and twisted.

Are you completely switched over to blogger instead of myspace now by the way?

Travis Erwin said...

Twisted indeed.