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Culling Songs, Dairies and Soap CONTEST for Writers

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Good Morning,

I must get this out of my system before I go to work on the book for a while. It is only about 630 in the morning so I have approx. 2.2 hours before the house awakens.

I am holding on to the thoughts that capture my energies for the moment. They seem to be eluding me as to how or why they fit into the book, plotting or character wise or otherwise. I feel like giving up, but of course I won't. I can't. I have to find out how the damn thing ends. Isn't this the goal of any author?

I am about to finish up the book, Lullaby by Chuck Palahniuk. OMG. This book is worth the read. Worth the money to buy, worth the time on your hands. Of course it is twisted, demented and sick. But what else do you expect. A man discovers a series of "SIDS" deaths and figures out that they are the product of a culling song rather than the true sudden infant death syndrome. What should this man do now that he knows this culling song can cause death? What would you do? Would you kill off your enemies?

All I have to say is WTF? Where on earth does Mr. Palahniuk come up with this stuff. Where does he come up with any of his stuff. My goal this year is to read every single one of his books so I am caught up for next year. So far I have read two of his this year and I just received Diary for my Birthday. So that will be my next conquest. I could only pray to write as well as he does. TO be as inventive, as sick and as freakishly funny as he is.

One day, I shall meet the man behind the words, behind the soap and Tyler Durden, Behind Helen Hoover Boyle and her culling songs, behind St. Gut Free.....

Alrighty all you Chuck fans...Come out of your closets and comment. I have to say he is my favorite of all time. At least for now. Originality is key.

I haven't done a writing contest in a while, but I guess it is about that time.

Whomever can write a sick and twisted short story best in the style of Palahniuk preferably not gory for gore sake, will receive a paperback of Palahniuk's of your choice from

When you have completed your entry, email me on myspace and I will send you my personal email address. The entry must be 3000 words or under. This can be a pubd piece or unpubd. I don't care. The only person who will be reading will be me. DEADLINE: AUG 31 2007

And for all the paranoids out there, no...I won't steal the pieces to use for my pub credits...or submissions. I am not that way! I have enough to do.

I wish all of you the best of luck.

Yours in Palahniuk, Prose and Pondering My Plot,


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tomzilla said...

blogger huh? another sweet distraction..I have not read any of chuck's work but I am slightly askew so I will attempt a short..