Thursday, August 2, 2007

Eight and a Half Reasons why I love my IPOD and POD PEOPLE

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Good Evening,

It is good, right? It is evening, right? This pay period, I have logged in about 78 hours. I still have two more ten hour days to go this week. Overtime anyone? Oh..and Miss Cicily would love it if you subscribed to her blog...Read me more often! I will promise to post good posts among the bad. And if you read me, I'll read you!

On my IPOD right now is Faded by Soul Decision.

I can't help it. Yes, I know they are cute and younger and a little boy-bandish, but I can't help but shake my thing every time I hear this song. Not that I would admit to this, wait..Just did.

My IPOD is one of, if not, my favorite toy ever. No, you can not feed it, groom it or make it go and fetch a tennis ball in the back yard, not that I even have a back yard, but it is by far my fav. go anywhere friend.

Here are the eight and a half reasons why I like the IPOD and just to add in my alter ego's opinion, why I also like POD people.

8.5) IPODS could never be mistaken as anything but cool and POD PEOPLE could never be mistaken for anyone other than themselves

8) POD PEOPLE are more likely to embarrass you at your cousin's wedding than your own relatives and the guy who claims to be related to you but doesn't mind buying you a drink.

7) IPODS allow you to listen to people like Hanson, Culture Club and Stravinsky within the same hour and without changing CD's

6) POD PEOPLE are the only ones who thought the Matrix movies were completely wrong in their depiction of the birthing process...If you are going to be born within a pod, watch the original movie and learn from the experts

5) IPODS do not need instructions. I figured mine out in a matter of minutes and I haven't once read the instructions.

4) POD PEOPLE would never accuse you of being superficial or stupid..They would just eat you. I like direct people who just tell me what they're thinking instead of beating around the proverbial emotional bush

3) IPODS fit into my already crowded purse and keep me from having to really pay attention to what people are saying when I am tired of hearing the voices.

2) POD PEOPLE require little maintenance as friends. They do not get offended if you don't invite them out for a drink, they will never dress you in a hideous blush pink dress with ruffles in a test of friendship called being a bridesmaid, nor will they ever attempt to steal a boyfriend, husband or lover from your clutches.

1) IPODS are the best because they have no bearing on anything whatsoever and their sole purpose is to make your day a little boppier, a little merrier and a little more of everything you need to de-stress your life.

Alrighty, there you go, my 8.5 Reasons why I like the IPOD and POD PEOPLE.

Hope your day tomorrow is as wonderful as today, as stress free as when we were three and as tuningly musical as your days from the high school band, marching, garage or otherwise.

Yours in Playing Around with an Idea, Pea Pods (one of my favorite veggies) and Paperless Letters to my Friends about Nothing,


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