Sunday, August 26, 2007

Feeling Creative

Current mood: calm
Category: Writing and Poetry

Currently on my IPOD: Brown Eyed Girl: Van Morrison

Good Morning my friends,

Moods shift like the wind..

Another poem for your morning reading session...

He played
Strawberry silk
Upon my head

Fingers intertwining
My mane
Stroked across
Apples of my cheeks

Brushed away
Annoying at best
The second touch
Startled and Stranded
Emotions unkempt

Tangled and messy
Time again, love remains
A stroke delicate
Caressing my mouth

Lips playing
Mates in imagery
Worlds united
Textures combined
Softness surrounding

Breasts as pillagers
Thighs reaching
Coarseness of you
Settle my thoughts
I glance to you

Drifting together
The wax and wane
Inspired tide
Bare toes allow
Coolness between
Sweat dissipates

Afterglow of warmth
Days diminshed
Place your hand on my back
The slight curve brushed
Sending signals
Starting Over

Release the string
Containing all I have
Showing you
Winsome Caress
Solitary strokes

Riptides of Lust
Pour out
Welcoming your breath
Salty tresses
Wash my love
Cleanse my pallate

Sweetening your lips
Slight gaping kiss
Complacent souls

Drifting towards
Out of you
In the distant
Seagull's cry
Out of envy

Wrapping limbs
Sea brings urgency
Tell me time
Is gone again

Quicken movements
End comes too soon
Tomorrow is here
Quietude resides
Placation no more

Yours in, well...everything,


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