Thursday, August 2, 2007

Did You Ever Hear the One About the Girl that Killed Her Car?

I Shall start from the beginning and work my way through the ones I feel deserve reposting. For a complete catalog of bull from my mind click on the link to my blog
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Okay, and with more emotion this time.... I just hit cancel instead of post so now I am really angry at myself.

Have you ever tried to take public transit in your city? Well, unless you live in Atlanta, London, Vienna, DC, New York, or Chicago, you are out of luck here in good old America. Most small towns have really crappy public transit. Case in point: If I wanted to get to work, as a nurse, at 6 am(actually at 545am) when the shift starts, I have to either walk in the dark for about 6 miles, or have my husband get up at 5am, schlep the children out of bed so he can drop me off or take the public transit system and subsequently get fired as I would reach the doors to the hospital around 646am.

Maybe if all of the shiny happy people who live in Colorado Springs and other smallish-big cities across the US would start to take public transportation on a regular basis, the bus would lose it's stigma (which by the way, no one in New York seems to think that only the poor or downtrodden take the bus) and the government would have to get off of it's ass and change some things for the better.

Which brings me to my next point: I hate cars. If you have read some of my previous blogs, you would know that not only is hating cars a problem for me, but it is also one of my phobias. Cars crash, roll over and make the people inside play dead, burn up, blow tires,cost people money that they don't have, pollute the earth, break down etc etc etc.

Just last month we took our relatively good condition saturn wagon into the dealer. The next afternoon we walked out about 1500$ poorer. During a regularly scheduled maintenance exam they happened to find a few "things". Tonight, our Ford(fix or repair daily) blew out a tire, actually it blew the belt in the tire, and then proceeded to break down. The battery is not at fault, the gauges went dead and someone has told me that this is probably the alternator. Alternator? What the hell does the alternator do? How's this, I think that the alternator is another word for money sucking terminator...Or alternating cars that suck our money out of us.

So here is the question: Do I spend how much ever money they want to have this fixed and then pay more money just to have the stupid thing cost me more money next month just as I have paid off the bill for this excursion to the dealer? Or do I go into more debt to buy a car that will cost us upwards of 20,000, which will cost me approx. 400-600 dollars a month for the next six years?

To break down or not to break down is the question...Well, this girl is going to break down into fits of rage that are taken out on her car in the form of physical and verbal abuse.

Maybe I should increase my anxiety meds this month. When it rains it pours.

Yours in piece of sh__ cars, population overload, and polluted streets,


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