Sunday, August 5, 2007

How To Go To Hell: A One Step Process

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I was driving home yesterday evening when I flipped over to one of the many Christian radio stations, actually I was blindly flipping through everyone of the radio stations trying to get away from the Akon song, Hmmm I don't remember the name of it, but it goes something like this: Yes we gonna fight, I believe we gonna fight, fight for our right to love...This has got to be one of the more annoying songs I have ever heard.

Anyway, I was desperately trying to get away from it, as lately it seems to play on every station I have programmed in the car every other ten minutes or so. Well, except for NPR. And even NPR didn't have anything on last night while I was driving home. I must have missed Prairie Home Companion.

Instead I landed on a Christian Radio Station, I will reserve the name of it for obvious reasons. The preacher on the other side of the radio was screaming to some unknown audience:

And they will all go to hell! The Buddhists, The Islams, The Terrorists, The Aetheists, The Anarchists, The non-believers...If you don't get them to believe in the POWER OF JESUS! Lets pray for all of those who are lost, those who have no way other than the wrong way, lets pray for those who are stupid in their choice or lack of choice in faith.

I am sure you are thinking the same thing I am thinking right now. WTH? I listened on in curiosity. Maybe this was a joke. NO. This was serious. This was a talk show in which a well-known preacher was giving his views on American's now and how their faith or lack there of could or would damage our country even more than it already is.

Who does this man think he is? God? He went on to say that anyone who does not follow the good word to the letter is going to hell. He kept repeating this over and over. The man on the other side of the interview tried to persuade him to open his thinking. But he wouldn't have it. And then he said this:

If they aren't Christian, they might as well be a terrorist. Damaging the minds of those around them, terrorizing the children.

conclusion is this. I guess I am going to hell. I consider myself a Christian. I am not this type of Christian at all. But, I have friends who are of every religion, of every denomination and of every walk of life. I guess we are all going to hell and I might as well call up the Dept. of Homeland Security and turn myself in for being a terrorist.

As a matter of fact, all of my friends and I should turn ourselves in. We must be terrorizing the children of this great country because we like to converse about our differing opinions on religion, read books by the great philosophers, go to services of other religions just to try to get a taste of what our co-habitants of this great planet believe in and why. And to really damage the children, we sometimes even talk about it in front of them! OMG.....Come with the wagon now boys, take me away to maximum security federal prison so I can become some man-woman's slave...

Here is my other point. If a large number of Christians are listening to this barage of slanted opinions slandering itself over the air waves, what are they thinking? I know there are people out there who think like this guy, as you can see it by finding out the numbers of people who listen to his talk show. Hundreds of Thousands.

I am not subscribing to this point of view. NEVER EVER! I would hope that most Christians would turn this shit off when they heard those words coming out of his mouth. Just because you are not a Christian, maybe you study Islam, maybe you study Buddhism, maybe you are an agnostic, doesn't mean that you are a terrorist or out to damage children. And it most certainly doesn't mean that you are going to hell. Besides most of the people who have studied some world religions would know that Hell doesn't even exist for some religions.

All I can say to the man on the radio is: shut your mouth, open your eyes and realize the damage you are doing to yourself.

is exactly the type of person who argues for argument sake, the kind of person who wants to start something in the name of religion thinking that he is doing some good for Jesus. I think Jesus would have a heart attack hearing these words come out of someone's mouth.

I wanted to call in and ask the man if he had ever read the bible, or at least one that was not translated specifically for his warped empire.


How about this: If you hear this man on the radio or anyone like it, call in and let them know how much you hate this kind of talk. How damning it is to anyone. And I promise to do the same. Maybe one at a time, the opinions will get across their thick skulls and stop them from going to hell too.

Yours in thick skulls, taking a leisurely trip to Hell and trying to shut up the idiots of the world,



alex keto said...

Hi Cicily,
Thanks for the comment on my blog. Glad to see you have migrated off of my space. I couldn't really access much of that. With this, it will be much easier.
I'll troll through your postings and get back to you soon.

Katrina said...

Came by--via a mutual friend, Travis.
Isn't it unfortunate that some preachers think they can hit us over the head with the fire and brimstone attitude of "your going to hell"! How many people want to listen to this over and over?

I'm of the old school and think you can attract more flies (or people) with honey. A positive method melts the heart and turns a spirit to God.

I grew up with the fire & brimstone method and didn't see any point in being chastised continually. So I simply strayed away from church. It took me many, many years to turn my life around and that happened
by listening to a pastor with positive words. Thankfully there are many out there today and one of the best is Joel Osteen. Encouragement with a great big smile---what a blessing this man is to our world of negativism!

Travis Erwin said...

I'm docking you coolness points for listening to Rascal Flats.

They will block to door to the Golden Light the next time you try and enter if that sort of thing gets out.