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Sugar High

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Good Evening,

I hope that all of you had a wonderful weekend. This weekend marked my twin girls fifth birthday. They received their first bikes, scooters, hand-held gaming devices (Leap frog ones, educational..If I was going to buy a PSP or something like it, I would get one for myself), books etc.. And to boot, my folks made an impromptu trip from Atlanta out here for the celebration.

We had a nice time, and by the end of the day, they were cranky, dragging from their sugar highs and ready to explode. Understandably so.

If I had had chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast, Sugary thick icing princess birthday cake for lunch accompanied by a side dish of cherry vanilla ice cream and assorted other candies, and then a mexican carb loaded dinner, I would be crashing and burning too.

Birthdays are some of the best times of the year for any age. Right? Although, I recall being quite solemn and mellow on my own date this year as I turned 30. But, there is no time like a birthday date to rehash those feelings of the years past, loves past, relationships past, just everything in general tends to come to a head around this house when that special time of year rolls around.

And since we are about to approach the holiday season, (goodness, I saw Christmas inflatable trees in Wally World the other day when I was picking up some milk) I think we should all reproach our creepy crawly feelings, the ones we should all try to express, the ones that give us a pause and cathartic relief when finished.

AS I have written on a number of occasions, my friends are my biggest asset. Not only do they keep me going when I feel as though my sanity has left the building and my number is up, but friends are the one thing that I can never get enough of. Yes, it is hectic sometimes to remember birthdays, anniversaries, dates and I apologize deeply for not sending cards or tokens of my love, but they are continuously in my thoughts and musings. Most of them end up as characters too, as theirs are the voices I hear most regularly when I write.

Too many people now tend to mistake their lives as dull, unlivable lives with voids playing upon their souls. I say, surround yourself with a group of people, hell, even if you don't know them, love them, give them the attention and appreciation you would give your best friend and pretty soon, I guarantee they will fast become someone you would hang out with regularly. I know way too many people who get up, go to work, eat their brown sack lunch, go home, sit down, watch TV and fall asleep only to repeat this same pattern the next day. WHY?

Like i said, let out those feelings of mediocrity in your life, and always, always, always, strive to be better than yourself each and every day. You might be surprised at where it takes you.

This fall has marked my second anniversary as a writer. Two years ago I picked up a keyboard and started to write. When I did so, I had no idea that two years later I would have multiple pubs under my name, several staff positions with zines as book reviewer, and an assistant editor position. Nor, did I think I would be working on my second book.

Life has a funny way of becoming everything you always wanted when you work hard enough, yet not hard enough to not stop and enjoy those around you. I have learned so much from friends, family and other writers that I insist on surrounding myself with them on a daily basis. It is amazing. Sure, there are times as a writer in which I want to completely isolate myself in order to write what I need to be writing, but those times are fewer and far between than others. For if you isolate yourself, how are you supposed to learn the natural ebb and wane of dialogue, the scenes in which make up a life, the organic way in which we all relate to each other?

Live your life now. Cliche', I know. Let those around you know how you feel about them, and it doesn't have to be a hallmark moment, it can be in the passing moments when you buy a buddy a beer after a long day, or when you send a simple email saying, I'm thinking of you. My friend, Sharon, whom I met last year in a life-altering conference for writers, is fabulous at this. Every other day or so I get a simple three line email or just a "thinking of you" thought flashing across the pixels and I always smile, because I know she is thinking of me and I think of her. Even though it has been forever since we have seen each other, it doesn't matter. The thought is enough.

I am going to close with that and just say that you all mean the world to me, even if I have never met you, or will never meet you, it doesn't matter at all.

Oh, and my offer is still up, I am going to be in NY in Dec...Would love to meet any and all people listed as friends on here for dinner one night. I think I would practically pee on myself to see you all. And if I ever win the literary lottery and make gazillions of dollars on my book...LOL..I will fly you all out for a vacation with me. Yes, all of you. But for now, just know that you are in my thoughts and on a vacation everyday in my unruly mind..

Yours in Sugar High's, Sweetness and Surrendering Your Feelings for Your Friends,


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