Monday, August 4, 2008

Listen up!!

Friends, family and family of friends, I must pass this on and get the word out about Lisa. She's not only a great friend of mine, but honestly, I can't say I would be where I am today without her help. And that says a lot. Within a year, I've gone from being somewhat serious about a novel, to being represented from one of the most respected literary agents in NY. So, here's the message! Pass it on to everyone you know. And she's not just for writer's. Do you want to lead your own life instead of watching it pass you by? Just give her a chance. Take her for her free test drive, no strings attached, honestly...

Here's Lisa's message:::

Dear Cicily, thanks so much for helping me get the word out. I have several time slots available on my schedule, and now with yet another strike looming that will affect my husband's work, I am responsible for keeping life moving. So, to answer your question...

Who do I coach?

My poster child client is Cicily. She didn't start out as a poster child, however. She was just like you. Her novel was in bad shape, needed to be rewritten, and she didn't have time to write it. She was working a day job as a nurse. She was doubtful about her capacity and talent to write. People in her life thought it was a cute little passing hobby. I remember one of the first things she accomplished was to claim her writing space, and her writing time. Every day she would post her daily word count on the refrigerator. Her husband gradually came to see she was serious about writing. Those she was writing for, however, knew she was on fire.

Many shifts and changes followed. She got specific about the kind of work she wanted to do to make money while working on her novel and as a result, she left her day job. Her interviews with writers, artists, musicians are becoming legend, and her first writer's retreat in Vail is on schedule and full of enthusiastic writers. A relationship with a great editor, completion of her lit novel, three publishers wanting it, and now a non-fiction jazz book with so many moving parts it's mind boggling.

So now when people "Who do you work with?" or "what kind of a coach are you?" I like to say I work with people who want to be leaders in their personal and professional lives. People who want to be so inspired and in action that their visions become viral.

So that's the big stuff. Then there's the (not so) little stuff like claiming a vision, clarifying values, specifying commitments, goals and actions--and being accountable for all of it. Kick in the pants, take no prisoners accountability. Can't do the big stuff without the little stuff. In fact, I think the little stuff is the big stuff, and the big stuff is the happy result of paying attention to the little stuff.

As always, I offer a complimentary session to see if we're a good fit.
Until my new site, Humanity at Work, is up...the link below will give you a bit more info.

Lisa Gates, CPCC
Livelihood + Leadership Coach
360 Alliance Coaching
Launch a revolution in your evolution

Land: 805.969.1621
Sky: 805.448.4020

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