Wednesday, June 25, 2008

In The Moment

Dear Friends,

My usual blogs will return soon enough, but in the meantime I want to point you in the direction of a writer/editor friend of mine named Elizabeth Glixman. Her blog, In The Moment is quite cool. We've been working together at Eclectica for a while now and a rather nice friendship as well as an editor/editee relationship has come out of it. But where Elizabeth really shines is her poetry works. She has published a great chap book titled, A White Girl Lynching. I'll be reviewing this soon and will post the link once its done.

As for my usual gratuitous self promotion:

  • Check out the retreat site: Writing Away Retreats
  • My review of Mulgrew Miller's Two Night Stint at Dazzle Jazz Club
  • Shop for The New Face of Jazz (**Come know you want one! Shirts, paraphernalia and more for dogs, kids and men jazz and the research and travel for the book**)
  • New Blog alert: I'm co-authoring a blog with a friend...Libber's Log. It's a better participate or get out kinda thing. All I can say is Mad-Libs anyone? Check it out!
  • Of website.
  • Outsider Writers...contest coming up...enjoy!
Hope you all are having a super-duper summer!

Yours in sunburns, summer sun and sun in my eyes,


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Chancelucky said...

I enjoyed the Mulgrew Miller review. I didn't realize you were a jazz fan.