Sunday, April 13, 2008

My Town Monday-Cicily Style

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Deliver me from writers who say the way they live doesn't matter. I'm sure a bad person can write a good book. If art doesn't make us better, then what on earth is it for?

~Alice Walker

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Glorious Sunshine, Warmth and Showers of
Long Lost Friends Who Finally Paid
Us A Visit

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Leader of the Band

~Dan Fogelberg

Dear Friends and Family of Friends and Everyone else,

Alright Travis, I joined your bandwagon...are you happy? I thought I would spice things up a bit and show you my version of My Town Monday with a pictorial blog.... Enjoy!

In my hometown aquarium (Atlanta), we can teach our children how to walk on water...

In my hometown we run into fish who claim to be Angelina Jolie's mother

We like to go for rides on the E.A.C. with Dudes from Finding Nemo

Pig Boy Doug Crandell lives in my hometown...I hung out with him and interviewed him for Art Nouveau Magazine...Weird angle for both of us. I look huge in this pic...But of course, we had pork bbq...We questioned what Cornhole tournaments were and Oh, and if you ever want to know how Doug got me lost in my hometown, just ask...Although I hadn't lived there in over twelve years, he managed to get me lost in under half an hour. Good thing both of us are laid back and good natured.

Assessed the damage the tornado's caused in downtown Atlanta...
Yes, those are all broken windows.

Where I live now, the deer have no fear! They take over large observatories by climbing over the roofs and the sides. they really don't care if its the USAF Academy. They don't even have the proper ID!

They were everywhere. I got within five feet of the deer. They
could have cared less that I was there.

People here regularly breach security and use their super human powers to stand a bunch of
airplanes end on end at the USAF Academy
(actually that's the chapel)

It's usually cold but sunny. I love to bask in the sunlight at the
Garden of the Gods under layers of sweaters and t-shirts.

If you want to have fun here in Colorado Springs
One must pay close attention to park signs...

Apparently you aren't allowed to bring scrambled eggs to the parks anymore...
Back in my day...We could scramble all we wanted, but kids these days ruined it for all of us!

This is Pikes Peak, and I was making sure it was still intact and where it should be. Everybody
in this town uses it to give directions to newbies. Like...where is the car dealership row?
Well, you head towards the mountains...and then take a left after you pass under the highway.
Where's the downtown area. You go away from the mountains and then take a right after you pass under the highway...You can never really get lost in this town. Now my real hometown...Atlanta, yep, you can get lost there in a heartbeat. Just ask Doug.

Thanks for getting me on board for this Travis and I hope you feel better soon!

Yours in My Town Mondays, Making it Something Cool and Mostly Having Fun,



Lana Gramlich said...

Very cool. *LOL @ the deer w/o proper ID!* The windows blown out in Atlanta remind me of first seeing downtown New Orleans when we returned after Katrina. I love the aquarium pictures! Thanks for sharing your town. :)

Debbielou said...

Wow !! What a great post - amazing place!

Clare2e said...

Maybe it's just me, but this seemed funny. My almost 8 year-old niece and nephew were just here in NY from Atlanta, and I took them to a (smaller than your) aquarium in nearby CT to look at the marine life, starring a huge the loggerhead turtle. When I saw your pix from the Atlanta aquarium with kids, I got reverse deja vu displacement.

Travis Erwin said...

'Bought time you got on board.

Carleen Brice said...

I have GOT to get to the Garden of the Gods!!

It's easy to get lost in Atlanta because all the streets are named Peach Tree! :-)

WordVixen said...

Weird- Doug looks just like my brother in law.

And nice shot of Angelina's mother! :)

alex keto said...

No bouldering among the boulders in Garden of the Gods. Well... why did god put the boulders there other to be bouldered on?
Anyway, isnt that a Mick Jagger fish?

Linda McLaughlin said...

Great photos, Cicely. Love the deer.

I used to live in Pasadena, CA. at the foot of the San Gabriel Mountains and we used them for directions, too. It was great except when it was so smoggy you couldn't see the mountains.