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Dear Friends and Stalkers,

I'm late, I'm late, for a very important date. No time to say hello-goodbye! I'm late, I'm late, I'm late!

I have appt's again with the blood suckers. No clear etiology as to what is going on. But, I do think that maybe my gastroenterologist wants to have a love affair with me. Or maybe he just loves me for my colon. The small bowel, the large bowel. Or maybe it's just the way I use my semi-colon that turns him on. He called me yesterday after receiving lab work and asked to see me. Uh...Sure. Maybe I should make him rice krispi treats that look like semi-colon's. Do you think he'll get the joke?


I must get work done this morning on the book. A deadline is fast approaching and I feel slightly inept at my abilities to pull the ending off. So instead of an original witty blog you get a cut and paste of something from my poetry file.

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By: Cicily Janus


I watched
You rest
In between
Shadows of night

They turned
Into sweet bullion
Crispness awakening
Dawn arising

Your chest falling
Into a natural
Creviced position
Of sleep

Friday waned
Saturday came
The clock
Showed no mercy

I longed for
The second hand
And yours
To stop time

Marked as a woman
From seconds
To minutes
To hours

Declining sleep
Giving way
Sounds of
Your silence

I sought after
Your sighs
Of contentedness
Craving corrugation
To break apart
My insomnia

Between the covers
Of awareness
Into the yawns
I can't remember life

Before your name
Before the shards
Of you sleeping
In the shadow of me

Yours in Shadows, Silence and Surrendering Yourself,


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Carma's Window said...

"They're coming to take me away" is a great intro to your blog. In fact I feel like that many times.

Thanks for giving us Shadows.

I like your blog and will visit again.