Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Serenity NOW and Other Priorities in Life

Quote of the Day:
Our real discoveries come from chaos, from going
to the place that looks wrong and stupid and foolish.
~C. Palahniuk~

Current Local Weather:
Spring showers. Lots of them, including
pollen, stinky pear trees, gray skies and all.
90% chance that they'll be followed by
tears, sneezes and utter disappointment
in your sinuses.

Currently on my iPod:
April in Paris
Charlie Parker with Strings
(i.m.o. this is one of the most absolute essential recordings any person can own. If you don't have it, shame on you.)
Peace, Piece
Bill Evans
(listening to them over and over as a matter of fact to calm my soul)

Dear Friends, Family and My Family of Friends,

Okey dokey. I know, it's been a long time since I've posted. Sorry folks, I've been a slight bit stressed, put-out, put-down, and hurting in ways I don't even want to talk least physically so.

I believe it was George's father, Frank...ya know, those folks from Seinfeld...who cried out the infamous phrase: SERENITY NOW! The whole purpose of him screaming this out was to supposedly lower his blood pressure.

Lately, at least on an internal level more than external, this has been my mantra. I've been known to scream it out while I'm in the shower and at the nurses who have been so patiently waiting on me, hand and foot, while I have made many, many...too many, visits to some of the local hospitals. The medical shit is really starting to get to me. I'm hoping to see an end to it all very, VERY, soon.

As for my regularly scheduled life, it's not slowing down no matter what. Sick? Nah! I can still do all of your press kits, bios and liner notes and write your mother's father's sister's god-mother's daughter's first cat owner's neighbor's little kid brother's biography! Bring it on.

Seriously though, I'm beginning to wear thin. Yes, I've lost weight but that's besides the point.

Sometimes we have to start prioritizing our lives. I have been doing this to the nth degree since I have been faced down with my own mortality hard and fast lately.

I think we all have these but somehow, somewhere, in our crazy days and nights and weeks and months and years, they get buried. Screw over the shit in your life that doesn't matter. Trust me, the stuff that doesn't matter will eventually leave you alone.

If you're curious, here are the priorities I'm making in my own life right about now:

  • If my stomach allows food on any given day, I'm eating dessert first. I have to survive on something, right?
  • If I have the opportunity to listen to music, like REALLY listen to music in the quiet sanctuary of my home, I'm only listening to only the very best. Life is WAY too short to listen to crap.
  • Reading. Don't sweat the BIG stuff. I've invested some time in reading shorts by famous folks. They're WONDERFUL. Start with George Saunders. He is self-described as Disney on Acid. I saw him read in person at AWP and he's completely accurate with that description. I've also recently invested in a writer's group here in town. I LOVE THEM. And I'm not sure how I've lived without them. They give the voices from my head their much needed validation.
  • Writing. I'm cutting out the writing crap in my life. Period. I'm only writing crap that I find interesting.
  • Kids. Nuff' said. Lying around playing Candy Land has it's perks.
  • Love. Find it. Got it? Keep it. Don't lie to yourself or anyone else about the love you've "got" or the love you think they want for you. Go after the love you've always wanted RIGHT now. Be the person you want to love or you want someone else to know. The real person. I'm a firm believe in the saying that Love Wins. It ALWAYS wins. Even if it's self love, you deserve it. We all do.
  • Yoga. When I'm well enough to attend the bi-weekly class, I do. Downward dog is VERY helpful in a physical and emotional way.
  • Friends. Got em? Keep em. Period. Don't overcrowd your life with simple acquaintances. For the ones that come through for you no matter the circumstance, give them the time they need in return. Simple acquaintances are great, but they can usually wait for a response to their needs. Also, re-evaluate those in your life that ONLY take and never GIVE. I know you can't do anything about family, but you can about everyone else. Are you exhausted with doing things for those that never are willing to help you back? Dump em.
  • Emails. Can it wait? Even a few days? Probably. Ask people not to forward crap to you unless you are one of those that can't live without it. And unless it's one of your friends asking for advice or a business issue, let it be. If it's a friend and it's logistically possible, take them out to lunch instead of returning an email. Or call them! Novel idea...I know...
  • Cleaning. Blech. Do it better and you'll have to do it less often.
  • The retreats. They cleanse and renew my soul even though they take mucho amounts of work to get to the actual house with everyone intact.

At least this is my list. This is essentially my life right now, other than book tour planning, and other such business matters. If you're one of those that are eagerly anticipating my book's release, well, we're only a few months away! Details regarding appearances, workshops and more are coming soon. Thanks, as always, for reading.


Yours in stressful days, seemingly lovely and stress-less sleep and sinus infections,



Ricky Bush said...

Yeah, just let it roll!

Heather said...

That's a good list of priorities, right there. It's much too easy to get bogged down in the day-to-day and forget about the important stuff.

Travis Erwin said...

Here's hoping you find everything you are i need of.