Thursday, February 4, 2010

Writing Away Retreats: May 6-10th, 2010

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Though no one can go back and make a brand new start,
anyone can start now
and make a brand
new ending.
---Carl Bard

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Dear friends, family, and my family of friends,

You all are owed a nice, long and info. filled blog about my adventures over the last few me, I'll get it to you soon. As soon as humanly possible. Really I will.

But, for now, I'm throwing out an advert. for the Spring Writing Away Retreats. Taking place in Breckenridge, Colorado this coming May, this is a great opportunity for writers of all levels to receive feedback from top players in the literary world.

This May you have the opportunity to work with:

Kevin Doughten, Associate Editor with Penguin/Viking
Tim O'Connell, Associate Editor with Random House
Sorche Fairbank, Literary Agent with Fairbank Literary Agency
Linda Rohrbough, Bestselling author and Writing Coach, Editor etc.
Kevin Doughten, Associate Editor with Penguin/Viking

10K word MS critique with each of these pro's is included in the cost...not to mention great food, great company and a great lodge...

Want to give a boost to your career? Longing for a better place to learn the craft of writing? Yeah, got it all right here...

Writing Away Retreats

See you in May...

Yours in Better Career Beginnings, Boosting Your Smiles and Believing in Yourself,


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