Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Quote of the Day:
Anything worth doing, is worth doing half-assed until
someone realizes what you're doing and yells at you...


Current Local Forecast:
Chance of expected prideful smiles, 90% with a 100%
chance of Postpartum Manuscript depression

Currently on my iPod:
Pretend I Don't Exist(bonus track)
"My One and Only Thrill"
Melody Gardot

It's about damn time...more later...

And yes, if you're guessing or thinking what I think you're thinking...then you're right.

Yours in achieving the seemingly impossible, actually losing my sanity(at least twice) and
asking for some time to sleep...



Anonymous said...

Are you finished? Have you sent your baby out into the world?? Pulling for you!!

russ (r.a. nelson)

Travis Erwin said...


Rebecca said...

ohh is it ready or almost??? I can't wait.

Anita said...

Do you know a sleep-deprived pilot?