Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Writing Away Retreats, Part II and III TAOS, NM May 1-5, Vail. CO June, 2009


Living roomWriting Away Retreats is a destination vacation for you and your muse. Aiming to serve writer’s who need to get away and focus on their projects, we offer maximum feedback with minimal interruptions. Providing ample time to write, discuss your goals, dreams and projects with like minded creative individuals is what we do best.

Why we do what we do...

Have you ever been to a conference or retreat and at the end you walked away feeling as though nothing was accomplished? Did you get any actual writing completed during the conference in order to implement what you learned while you were there? Were you frustrated and utterly overwhelmed? I've been there. What I aim to offer my guests, is a peaceful, relaxing setting nestled in the Rocky Mountains where you can unwind, take in some fresh air and mostly, expand and satiate your creative juices with like minded individuals.

Our mission is to provide you with the time away from the business and busy-ness of life that so often zaps any creative energy out of you before you even have time to sit down and think clearly. We are delighted to provide a small, intimate retreat along with organic, healthy meals, snacks and beverages. We aim to compose our roster with hand-selected guests and hosts with a wide range of experiences inside and out of the literary world that will give you an optimal experience.

What we all strive for in this business is understanding, time and writing the right story at the right time by telling it the way it needs to be told, the way you intend for it to sound with precise and evocative language. Often times, writers will say that they write because they have no choice. Well, at Writing Away Retreats, we want you to have a choice of where you enhance your project or begin your dream of becoming a writer.

We are glad you are considering us as your next retreat. We promise to give you exactly what you need.

Yours in Words,

Cicily R. Janus
~Founder and Host of Writing Away Retreats